What mattress and pillow is right for you?

Do you struggle to sleep at night or find yourself awake every now and then? Have you taken so many insomnia drugs but they seem not to be working? Are you tired of your sleeping disorder and already at the brink of giving up? Are you on the quest for knowledge on how best to sleep? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then you are an article away from having the solemnity of an infant’s sleep.

It is understandable that people feel unhappy when they are unable to have a good night rest because it affects the next day’s productivity. Matter of fact, sleeping well at night is an important and huge part of our lives. It basically dictates our emotion, weight, physical and mental health.

Many factors may be responsible for this uneasy feeling at night and not necessarily “insomnia” (although it should not be ruled out). One of these factors is your sleeping environment including your bed, bedspread, blanket and most importantly your pillow and mattress. We have found a website that can give you a discount on Nectar mattresses. You can get to it by going to¬†

Let’s get started by understanding that not just any pillow works for you. Most people often sideline the importance of the right pillow in getting quality sleep. You need to understand your body, sleeping pattern and convenience before choosing a pillow.

What pillow is firm enough for you?

(1) Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, it is best to get a pillow that is very flat for your neck, if at all you want to use one. Experts advise that stomach sleepers should use a thin pillow for their stomach instead of their neck because of the curve of the spine. As a stomach sleeper, you must have noticed a heavy feeling in your stomach area when sleeping. This might be the source of your discomfort.

(2) Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, thin pillows are best for you. If you have been using thick and bulgy pillows, thismay have accounted for your uneasiness at night. Because the human spine is not straight, a pillow that doesn’t disorganize its curve is what will give you sound sleep. A thin pillow will elevate your neck a little while maintaining your back posture.

(3) Side Sleepers

Side sleepers are advised to use a firm pillow in order to balance the body weight against the space between the shoulder and ear. Pregnant women are strongly advised to do this for sound sleep

(4) Hybrid Sleepers

If you do not have a particular sleeping pattern, it is advisable to get a moderately firm pillow that gives you balance throughout the night. This way, whatever position you lay would be convenient for you and you would not have to be jolted awake by a stabbing neck or back pain.

Although there are other tips to try out in order to get a sound sleep, starting with the information above would not be a bad idea. You deserve quality sleep. Do not let your pillow deprive you of that opportunity!

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