What are the Different Kinds of Glasses?

The glass you choose for the windows in your house plays a considerable role in the overall look of your house as well as how tactically you handle the weather conditions within your house. The general term ‘glass’ encompasses a wide array of qualities and specifications based on which window glasses are made.

This article will identify what kind of window glasses exist out there in the market, how their price relates, and when you should choose them. So if you are looking to renovate or establish your household as a great place to sleep, this is the article for you.

Regular Clear Glass

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This is the standard window and door glass which can vary in thickness, depending on your need. This type of glass is usually the most inexpensive to purchase because there are no such exclusive properties it offers such as protection from harmful rays or heat absorption.

Clear glass comes in different qualities, but is usually very open to being shattered, and the shattered bits can be very harmful. So as long as you are not looking for glass for sturdy use, they should work fine.

Reflective Glass

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As the name suggests, the glass has reflective properties which make it an excellent heat reflector and a top choice for countries where the weather stays sunny for the most part of the year. Their reflective property is obtained by the metal coating they are given during the manufacturing process, and you can get the color of the reflective material to be whatever you like.

The metal coal also offers extra protection to the glass which is why it is considerably higher priced relative to regular clear glass.

Strong Glass

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This is glass that is toughened artificially to meet certain requirements, particularly for uses where glass is necessary but is also very prone to physical harm, which could shatter it. The toughness of the glass disallows it from being shattered into splinters which can be very harmful, which is why it is a top choice in factories and industrial units.

In addition, this glass is also a lot securer as far as weather based expanding and contracting is concerned, which makes it more durable and justifies the high price that is charged for it.

Tinted Glass

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Using tinted glass for windows is increasingly growing not only because of the aesthetic appeal it offers, but because of the heat absorption and reflection ability these glasses boast. They are not as strong as reflective glasses because the oxides used can certainly not trump the strength of metals, but they are cost-effective both in purchase and in the fact that you can considerably have your heating bill reduced. Tinted glass will help you sleep a little better and prevent insomnia.


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This basically refers to the process of attaching a sheet of glass on top of another, either with insulation in between or with no gap for the sake of making the glass safer and stronger. Lamination can also be done with various pattern glasses, and are highly preferred by house owners who are fond of the aesthetics brought in by them.

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